what spark plug wires to use with msd 6al

the other day a mechanic changed my spark plugs and i told him to gap them at .060 i picked up the mav an it runned like ****, so i get back to the mechanic and i told him " you did not gap them at .60 do you? The connections I made from the MSD box direct to the battery were also made the same way, as I had to add length to the wires to get them to reach. REV LIMITER The Digital 6AL features a built-in Soft Touch Rev Control that provides a smooth and accurate rev limit by dropping the spark to individual cylinders. Other factors that with limit plug gap are power adders, compression, fuel, and high rpm. Nobody wants extra holes in their firewall. As with any electrical component installation, you will usually run into situations like this. Many vintage GM musclecars have a nice spot to mount the box on the passenger side of the firewall, while Fords offer a nice location on the fender well next to the washer fluid reservoir. After I got my CD box, and started the install, I decided to also order the MSD Blaster coil, which is a better fit for this system, and a nice new set of MSD pre-fit plug wires, which will perform well and look a lot better than with the old wires currently in place.On with the install! Spark plug wires are very important to the operation of your ignition system. I noticed immediately that the car was much more willing to idle on cold start-up. Not only will these wires make my engine bay look a lot nicer, they will prevent crossfire, provide a nice hot spark, and provide good radio static suppression. People are often very surprised that you can still use a points style system with an MSD CD box. That’s why it’s important to select a good quality set of spark plug ignition wires to deliver juice to your spark plugs.. They’re also built to last and feature 8mm silicone and synthetic jackets to resist heat and abrasion, silicone boots to protect against high exhaust temperatures, and an … I will get some decorative wire wrap to clean up the look in the coil area as time allows. Make sure there is nothing on the other side that you can damage with the drill bit when it goes through. Before the MSD install, I had to feather the throttle a bit for a few minutes to get the car to the point where I could put it in gear and go. The small red wire coming from the MSD box will be connecting to the red wire coming from the Pertronix Ignitor in the distributor, and the red wire will also have to connect to the ignition feed wire that used to run to the coil from the ignition switch. By checking the resistance of each wire you will determine two things: That there is continuity (not open) and if there is too much resistance in the wire. Find MSD Ignition 32799 MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor Spark Plug Wire Sets and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These wires will never be used at the same time and care should be taken in routing the trigger wires, especially the mag pickup harness. and mandrel bent 2.5-inch dual exhaust. Be careful not to over tighten, as many a good coil has been thrown away due to stripped threads on the coil posts. If you have any doubts about wiring an MSD 6AL into your system, you can simply download a PDF of the complete installation instructions, which includes simple wiring diagrams for all the most common systems, including points and/or Pertronix Ignitors. The factory supplied leads will not be long enough for my application, as I plan to hide the wires on the backside of the radiator core support. I make the majority of my direct wiring connections this way, especially connections that I don’t anticipate disconnecting any time in the near future. Note: Solid Core spark plug wires cannot be used with an MSD … With a hotter spark you can generally incraese your plug gap. As you can see, the mounting location is not entirely flat. Buy them ahead of time so you don’t have to run to the store during your install. The box can be mounted anywhere, although a more remote location such is in the interior of the car will require you to splice and solder more wire into the harness provided, a fairly easy task. The larger the spark kernel the better, but when you start running more and more compression it is harder for the electricity to jump the gap, so you have to give up a large spark for reliability of the plug firing every time. We still need to connect the heavy gauge red and black wires from the MSD box to the battery before we can proceed any further. The Soft Touch Rev Limiter that is built into the MSD 6AL, 6BTM and 6ALN is .. ... spark plug wires cannot be used with an MSD Ignition. MSD developed a module to replace the stock HEI module in a stock HEI Distributor. This is a simple one wire to one wire connection. Note: Do not use digital or dial-back timing lights. Note: Solid Core spark plug wires cannot be used with an MSD … Now to the plug wire replacement, and to re-gap the plugs to the recommendations provided in the MSD directions. I called MSD today and they told me not to run the iridium plugs because they will get too hot. Once you have all the screws started, you can now tighten all screws and bolts, as bolt alignment is now assured. I've got 2 x MSD 6AL + 2 x MSD (high vibration) Blaster II coils (fired by a Supertec twin-plug distributor) fitted to my 2.5 litre twin-plug engine. I have a V-8 Chevy and want to wire in a 6AL box that I have. PN 6530. MSD’s Street Fire spark plug wires feature 500 ohm/foot of resistance for improved spark delivery and power. The 6AL box has a rev limiter that has a small module that can be inserted to tailor the engine cut-off to your particular engine’s needs. Solid core wires cannot be used due to their inability to … Fortunately, the 6AL box comes with rubber mounts that actually hold the box about ½ inch off of the mounting surface, so irregularities in the mounting surface can be easily overcome. Either way will work. I bought the MSD 6AL box today - because I wanted a rev limiter - for my stock ZZ It that an IN- the-cap coil has ie small and yes the "extra" plug wire sucks!!!. The line of MSD Blaster Coils, PN 8202, PN 8207 and PN 8222, are great for street and mild racing. The rubber grommets do a great job of making mounting location irregularities irrelevant, and they also help in air circulation around the box, helping to keep the box cool. After drilling all four holes, loosely mount the 4 rubber grommets to the mounting location. uded: 1 - … The RPM package from Edelbrock is surprisingly racy, and it idles with a noticeable lope and only 10 to 12 inches of vacuum. You will now see why it is called shrink tubing, as the tubing contracts over the connection, making a simple and cheap weatherproof seal. What does every one think about this. The MSD wiring harness comes equipped with spade terminals, which with the provided adaptors, can be connected directly to the coil without modification. The big plug was loose, when I moved wires it made a buzzing sound. Gently tighten the nuts in place on the coil. Since the panel that I am mounting the MSD box to will be replaced when Ol’ Paint becomes “New Paint”, I am not too fussy with perfection in the mounting. And here are the wires connected directly to the battery. The plug gap is a little small for that mild of a motor. Since the box handles all the voltages, it simply uses the points as a trigger. If you suspect a spark plug wire to be open causing poor performance, check the resistance of each wire. I would run @ 0.045"-0.050". Induction for the engine is via a Holley 750cfm 4 barrel with vacuum secondaries, an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, cam and aluminum cylinder heads, all exiting through Hedman coated shorty headers (or Hedders!) The mill features a Coast High Performance Stroker Kit, increasing the stroke from the factory 3.50 inches to 3.85 inches, utilizing Probe forged 302 pistons, and stock 351 rods and rod bolts. Checked the resistance of the coil, checked out OK. I will use the same method as I did when soldering the tach wire. I am going to clip off both eyelets and solder a permanent connection with shrink tubing for protection from the elements. SPARK PLUGS AND WIRES Spark plug wires are very important to the operation of your ignition system. Since I will be using my Pertronix Ignitor as a trigger, which is wired just like factory points, I will not need to use this harness. 3. - Team Camaro TechMsd 6 Wiring Diagram Msd 6Al Digital Wiring • Wiring Diagrams | J - Wiring Forums, Coleman No 3400 336 Furnace Wiring Diagram. I have already clipped the green wire and the black wire is shown here. With the installation of this box, that problem went away as well.Now I can go to other parts of the fine-tuning process knowing that my ignition system is state of the art, and more than capable of handling any further performance mods I throw at it. MSD provides a wire as part of the set, so simply plug it in to the box as shown here. After twisting them together, get the wires hot with the soldering gun and apply the solder.

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