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Nothing But the Best. background-color: #FBECD5; } Ever since the Apollo 7 mission in October 1968, Nasa had equipped every … discussion on criteria (currently unavailable)for inclusion of songs in The Cafe Songbook makes no claims to rights of any kind in this content or the sources from which it comes. Year Netflix removed Fly Me To The Moon from Neon Genesis Evangelion and put Rei I instead. Difficulty: novice. (Posting of comments is subject to the guidelines. 2006. ", Rosemary Clooney had recorded Howard's song "On the First Warm Day (in May)" in 1951, which was a big break for the young songwriter, but it was "Fly Me to the Moon" that interested most singers and really put him on the map. Quincy Jones arranged the music for Frank Sinatra's album this track is included on. . Two years after Kaye Ballard recorded the first commercial version of the song, Johnny Mathis released his rendition as "Fly Me to the Moon." For further information on Cafe Songbook policies with regard to the above matters, see our "About Cafe Songbook" page (link at top and bottom of every page). Gavin also reports that Howard used his position at the Blue Angel to good advantage in promoting his songs including "Fly Me to the Moon" about which Howard recalled: I used to keep copies of it at the Blue Angel. and we discover certain things that we don't understand. . body { //]]>, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars; From the Books: Frank Sinatra Anthology. Such content is used under the rules of fair use to further the educational objectives of 18,595 views, added to favorites 328 times. either iTunes/LinkShare or New York: Back Stage Books I'm wond'rin' how I got a girl like you to say that I'm her man. Back in 2015 when I started my account, I would have never guessed … Choose your favorite fly me to the moon original artwork from the hundreds of thousands of artists. video before starting another. code All such images are linked to the source from which they came (i.e. 'In Other Words" talked about the verbosity of poets who 'use many words to say a simple thing'; 'hold my hand,' 'Kiss me. Guitar, guitar pro, bass, drum tabs and chords with online tab player. “Fly Me to the Moon” was certainly included on the cassette Aldrin took to the moon. Click here to read Cafe Songbook lyrics policy. Frank Sinatra's 1964 version was closely associated with the Apollo missions to the Moon. The song just fell out of me. Listen on Apple Music. Its original name is ‘In Other Words’ but it became more popular as ‘Fly Me to the Moon’. It was originally entitled “In Other Words” but the title was later changed to “Fly Me To The Moon”. Jones had worked with Count Basie a year earlier on the album "This Time by Basie" … below. Am Dm Fly me to the moon.. G C let me play.. among the stars.. F Dm Let me see what spring is like on E Am A7 Jupiter and Mars.. Dm G C Am In other words.. hold my hand.. Dm G C E In other words.. baby kiss me.. Am Dm Fill my heart with song G C and let me sing forever more F Dm you are all I long for all E Am A7 I worship and adore.. Such permission will be acknowledged in this space on the page where the image is used. . 2 Min Read. 30.7M . . Credits for Videomakers of custom videos used on this page: Borrowed material (text): The sources of all quoted and paraphrased text are cited. download 1 file . Follow @genius on Twitter for updates Had I done that I don't know where I'd be today.''. //

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